Thursday, December 27, 2007

Write regularly and relevantly in 2008

I turned 39 this past summer. Already people were asking about what I'll do for my 40th birthday. As I looked around, I realized I have Writer's Market books dating back to 1996. Yet, I have never attempted to be published. So this, my 40th year, is dedicated to writing. To see if I'm still good at it.

I'll admit, I have a few distractions. Must be the OCD and ADHD that would explain so much if I actually had. I've also wanted to learn how to build a website, and digital scrapbooking, and how to actually earn a living writing (ideally online), and still be the full-time caregiver to my preschooler, and keep doing the actual job that I have and love- part-time hairstylist in my home, and spend quality time with my husband who travels a lot for work. See what I mean? ADHD for sure. Although, I couldn't survive without it.

In theory, all these things can work together. I may be spreading things a bit too thin, but we'll see which ones stick, I guess.

The website building I have a pretty good handle on now. Last year, my toddler (now a preschooler) and I tagged along on 5 of Daddy's business trips... each lasting between 10 days and 3 weeks. So, to fill the time in the hotel rooms from toddler's 7:30 bedtime until hubby came home from working, I built a website devulging many of the tips and tricks we learned about traveling with kids. You can check it out at My friends always ask me what products I use and where to get them, so you'll find a lot of links to that stuff there. I actually made it to the first page of Google for 2 articles!! Without paying for ads!! Yay!!!

Digital scrapbooking just makes so much sense for me! Besides the obvious benefit of documenting my memories; if I learn how to do more of my own creations... make my own embellishments and papers, I can use them in my website/s. I just bought the latest Adobe package with both Photoshop Elements 6 and Premiere Elements 4. I'll let you know what I learn as I go.

Apparently the way to earning a living writing online is to do as my title says... write regularly and relevantly. That's my mantra for 2008. What to write about? There's always more to say about traveling, that's one. Here, that's another. I started a blog about beauty tips... things I learn as a hairstylist. You can check that out at So that's three. Too many? I hope not. We'll see.

I'm always coming up with another thing. It could get interesting as things go on. ;)

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